Meet the Artist Collective:

These are the fun peeps who create your art! 

More artists being added to our collective regularly! :)

Alexander P.  Huerta of PeaceNArt Studio Alex can be found every day inside his gallery in Las Vegas, NV which has showcased dozens of emerging artists since 2008. He is a self-taught mixed media artist who has been creating art for 20 years. His series of works have amassed a large group of collectors, both private and corporate. Alex also believes in giving back to the community and has actively participated in many charity art events, as well as mentoring young artists through workshops and motivational speaking.    

Annie Wildbear of Wildbear Enterprises “I earned my AA from Citrus College in Azusa and a BA in art from Cal State Long Beach. Later, I enhanced my skills by getting digital art training at Summit Career College in Colton, CA. I went on to become an instructor at the school after graduating. I enjoy working in a wide variety of mediums including traditional, unconventional as well as digital. Sources of inspiration include: Type and letter forms, Pop Culture, Found Objects, Swap Meets and Flea Market Finds, Toys, County Fairs, Defunct Amusement Parks, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Movies, TV, Music and Art of all Genres, Kalifornia Kar Kulture, Funky Vintage Stuff." 

Candi Ciesinski “I am a creative being that loves the opportunity to express myself freely. I am not a formally trained artist. My creative process is a mishmash of many things. Basically, anything that needs to come out I allow that to come out naturally. Whether that be artist trading cards, watercolor painting, making cool art pieces using my cake decorating skills, customized dolls, deep healing painting that deal with depression, anxiety and other deep-rooted issues, homemade dollhouses with multicultural peg doll families, mini art journal kits, etc.  As I continue to grow personally I hope to share what I have learned so far to help others through art.”  

Chelsea Lothringer of Lovely Chelsea Art  “Happy Art to Make Happy People” I have loved creating art since I was a little one. It makes me happy to give my art away and see how it makes other people feel. It is nice to brighten up someone's day by giving them something you've put a lot of time and care into. I have been studying art since high school and have graduated from the UNLV with a degree in something that makes me truly happy: painting and drawing! I make all my own little creations, usually with inspiration form the world around me. I love all things geeky and fun! Comic Books, Cartoons, Video Games are all huge influences on me. I love painting and drawing things I love and I hope you love them too! I am always happy to do custom commissions so send me a message if there is anything you'd like me to do.  

Chelsea Rayl of River and Ivy Chelsea is a Las Vegas based artist. “I am inspired by the mystical, magical, imaginative, and occult- that’s what comes out naturally. I've always been creating in some form... dance, music, writing, performing, acting – it’s all husband encouraged me to paint it was really the one creative avenue I had not yet explored, but I always envisioned myself painting when I was younger I would think about having a studio in my home where I would paint. I’ve also worked as a performer on the strip in various shows for over 10 years. I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a Magician Assistant, a Hypnotists' assistant, a showgirl, a mime, a clown, a dancer, an actor, and for the last 6 years doing astrology, tarot and palmistry readings. I really love doing all things creative, I love astrology and tarot, painting is just another extension of all those things, and it inspires me a lot!”  

Effie Hlad of Effie Loves Studio & Gallery "Art has always been a huge influence in my life.  I was pre-med in college and then completely changed my major 2 years in.  I received a BFA from Georgia State University in 2013 and hit the ground running since.  I have shown in multiple galleries in Atlanta and currently own an art studio and gallery in the Arts Factory in Las Vegas.  There is no one media that steals my heart so they all have an equal precious quality when I am creating my work.  Large scale works of art are the one thing that makes my heart skip a beat."

F. Andrew Taylor  Andrew is a freelance artist, writer, and journalist based out of Las Vegas, NV.  

Rest in Peace Jan, you were/are an inspiration to us and many others in our local arts  scene and we are honored to have known you and to have been able to  collaborate and feature your awesome art. You will be missed. Like many  of our friends, we will be looking for your paintings in the sky and  your butterflies in the wind.  Jan Harris Arduini of Jan.A.2.Z.Art: "Creating art provides me with an inner peace, and a sense of fulfillment. My style leans slightly toward realism, with subjects ranging from portraits to plants. My medium of choice is oil paint, but I also work in pastel pencils, acrylic and watercolorFor over 15 years I taught art and art history to students grades K through 12, in private schools, home school groups, plus individual private lessons. My formal art education includes Fundamentals, and Life Drawing at the American Academy of Art, in Chicago; Watercolor Portraits through North Light Academy; Art History at Moraine Valley Community College; several teacher’s workshops at the Art Institute of Chicago; and oil painting classes at Palette & Chisel Academy. Currently, my work is on display at City of the World Gallery, Las Vegas, Boulder City Art Guild Gallery in Boulder City, Jana’s Red Room, at the Art’s Factory in Las Vegas. I am actively involved with the Artz-to-Go program, bringing art to children in the Las Vegas Valley." 


Jana Lynch of Jana’s Red Room is a Las Vegas based Artist who also owns a gallery: Jana’s Red Room. Jana’s continual goal and theme for her gallery is to have an avenue where emerging and established artists alike can come to display their creative soul. Jana has shown the works of over 200 local Las Vegas artists and supporting local artists is her main goal. Jana’s Red Room also hosts international juried art shows.  

Jeff Knox of Jeff Knox Photography. “I am fascinated with exploring photography beyond the simple snapshot. Initially I began working with night photography and light painting. This quickly took me into the realm of the Milky Way and star trails. Ultimately it has lead to a series of long exposure panoramas that continue to evolve today.”  

Jeffrey Locke Lemert of Jlockeddesigns: An Artist of Trees! All of my trees are ink or marker on various surfaces, such as paper, canvas, wood, walls and even lampshades and Tee-shirts.  I have been focused on trees for the past 20 years and love every one of them.  

Jennifer Tam of Starfishstratagies is an artist who makes a wide variety of works that consist of mixed media art and hand created jewelry.  Each piece is created with a whimsical flare. I have been creating my entire life, as inspired by my mom, who is a master at the sewing machine and with knitting needles.  I now hope to spark creativity in my own daughter. I am inspired by life, nature, repurposing and the dichotomy of dark verses light. I often use a mixture of found objects, rocks, wildcrafted wood and new materials to create each piece. Thank you in advance for taking a moment to learn about Starfishstratagies.  Let's keep the handmade movement strong!

Kellie Archuletta is an independent artist who loves to draw and paint, she goes by the artist name Karch and has traded and collected over 3,000 ATC/ACEO’s! In addition to making art, she is also a special education teacher specializing in emotional and behavioral disorders. Kellie has lived in Las Vegas for 26 years.  

Kimberly Blake of Isamazing Studio I began art adventures in 1976, I was 3 years old, thanks to my grandmother “Robby”. She always had art supplies ready inside the piano bench for when I came over to visit. Through my travels all around the United States and to Europe and Asia, there have been opportunities for learning different styles historically and modern. Many pieces in my collections have some type of spiral or swirly flow that draws in the viewer. The spiral symbol has been a great part of my love for art as it has drawn me to create amazing pieces of art throughout my life. I feel at peace when sharing flow with the brush and with the paint. I am listening to my heart and trusting the process. I am here to serve humanity through art and even if I am not sure how it will work out, I am open to the journey.  

Lee Lanier of Beezle Bug Bit LLC I’m a professional animator, visual effects artist, director, author,  film festival manager, painter, muralist, and illustrator based in  Boulder City, Nevada. I’ve worked for Walt Disney Studios,  PDI/DreamWorks, and numerous other production companies on more than  70 features, shorts, music videos, trailers, and commercials. Although  new to painting, my work has been featured in 50 shows in 20 galleries  in 5 different states.  

Nelson of Ruger of Nelson Makes Art: Nelson grew up along the beaches of southern New Jersey, finding his stomping grounds among Ocean City’s 7th Street and North Street beaches and boardwalks. Loving art from an early age, he dove into a career as a theatrical artist, designing scenery and lighting for stage productions up and down the eastern United States, lending his creative style from tiny one-room shows to huge regional theaters. In 1998, he fulfilled his dream of designing on Broadway when his production of The Wind in the Willows opened at the New Victory Theatre on 42nd Street.  With this life goal achieved so young, Nelson began searching for new horizons and artistic possibilities. Back home in Ocean City, an impromptu beachfront watercolor class with Kim Weiland became the roots of a whole new passion and direction for painting.  In 2009 Nelson left the theatre industry to pursue his surf painting and Zen watercolor art. From that time, many different roads, including working for Apple Inc, (which, to date, has still been the best ‘real job’ of his life), finally led him to form ‘Nelson Makes Art!’ Studio in Virginia, where he spent several happy years developing commissioned pieces in his flip-flops. Some years and many miles later, Nelson is now living on the opposite coast in sunny Los Angeles.  Here, he most often spends his days in his studio creating fantastic glassware, fantasy worlds of titanic waves, perfect palms, fantastic sunsets, calm snowy groves, and auroras of uncompromising beauty. He's the guy who believes you deserve to live the life you've always wanted.  And he's going to do everything he can to help get you there.  

 Susan Jean Tosches-Deneau of Rainbow Farts Art Susan works with various mediums and has made everything from runway fashions to gallery paintings and children’s books throughout her creating career (including a book titled, “Every Time I Fart, a Rainbow is Born!”). She adores creating mixed media pieces and cartoon style art that creates smiles and inspires others. Susan has loved creating with various mediums ever since she can remember and has shared her art with others in all sorts of ways since she was a child. She has an Associate of Science in Fashion Design and continues to take continuing education classes like acrylic painting and mixed media workshops. She has been known to hide free artwork in public for others to find and keep. When she’s not painting her own artwork, she’s volunteering and hosting art events in her community. Susan’s works have been featured on many television, online, and print media over the years including Fox 5 News, ABC’s The Morning Blend, The Las Vegas Review Journal, Las Vegas Weekly, Vegas Rocks Magazine, and City Life. Her various works has been available at countless retail locations including, Barnes & Noble, Jana’s Red Room, Etsy, Altered Nation Designs, First Friday, and The Arts Factory. 10% of all her sales goes to help feed those in need through her charity partner, Three Square.  

Renata Cuellar of Renata Cuellar Art Renata is a talented Artist based out of Florida who creates impressive colorful originals, giclees & commission artworks for her worldwide fan base! Renata shows with galleries like Diego Victoria Fine Art Gallery and encourages her fans to “invest & collect Renata Art”.  

Robin Barcus-Slonina is a multidisciplinary artist whose work includes bodypainting, sculpture, painting, installation and performance art.  Much of her work is interactive, inviting the viewer to experience the art rather than simply observe it. Slonina enjoys taking the “Do Not Touch” sign off of her art, inviting people to recognize art as an integral and fun component of everyday life. Robin is also a Producer and Judge on the hit body painting competition show Skin Wars, alongside RuPaul Charles, Rebecca Romijn and Craig Tracy - now in it’s 3rd season on GSN.  

Ryan Williams of RyZen Designs Ryan is a Las Vegas based artist who shows at the Bubblegum Gallery in Las Vegas. Ryan uses mostly acrylic paint, sharpies, and even toothbrushes. What is the meaning behind your art name? "RyZen Designs is sort of a play on words. It sounds like ‘Rising (Risin’)’. It represents life and overcoming the difficult things." What are 3 fun random facts about yourself? 1. "I’m also a musician 2. I love puzzles 3. Halloween is my favorite month (you read that correctly)." What are some words of advice you’d give to children artists? "Never stop creating."  

Sallie Douglas of Abstracted Abstracts “I am a Las Vegas native who grew up with a deep appreciation for our magnificent desert sunrises and sunsets. Photographing them, enhancing them with various apps, and abstracting the abstracts with acrylics on canvas is the end result! My flower divas, squiggle and blobs, and other playful subjects appear to make their way onto my canvas when I least expect them. Without any preconceived plans, they are a pleasant surprise to me…and hopefully to you! I have also added multi media pieces and colorful dog portraits to my list of successful endeavors. Thank you for inviting my inner flower child to come out and play in your world.”  

Shawna Real of Porcelain Rose: Shawna is not your typical artist. She has a BFA in Fashion Design. Her art consist of all aspects. She also has an Etsy shop that specializes in vintage and handmade creations.  

Susan Kemp Maldonado  of Autumn Lady Sketches says, “Mostly I am self-taught… practice, practice, practice.  I did earn an AA in Visual Arts. I loved the classes that I took to earn the degree. They opened up areas that I had never pursued on my own, which actually have helped over the years in many of my works, especially the Mixed Media area. At present, I work mostly in Acrylics. I also work with Pen & Ink, Graphite Pencil, Charcoal, and Mixed Media. I think Mixed Media is my favorite because it gives you license to use many different items to create a piece. I love using items from nature to create a works of art.”   

 Suzanne Hackett-Morgan earned a Master's Degree in Art (Painting) at California State University Northridge in 2003 and a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing from Western Washington University. She received recognition in 2006 from the Nevada Arts Council’s Artist Fellowship Program. Hackett-Morgan is a founding director of the Goldwell Open Air Museum and Artist Residency in Nevada and was President of Las Vegas’ Contemporary Art Center from 1994-1995. A leader in the Nevada arts community, she is a consultant to other arts organizations through the Nevada Circuit Rider program. Her landscape paintings have been exhibited in Montana, Nevada, Wisconsin and California, and she has completed several public art commissions in Clark County. Her downtown mural, “Here it is,” was featured in The Killers’ CD, “Sam’s Town.  

Suzanne L. Vinson of Silver Tree Art is an artist and ordained minister, seeks to delight, plant seeds of wisdom, and touch heartstrings through her art. Her art and retreats aim to bless others and to heal. To whisper truths that we already know and feel, but need to be voiced. To remind us of the goodness we carry within. To resonate deeply in the heart and connect us through our common humanity. To evoke a smile from deep within. To inspire. She views art as an extension of her ministry in the world. Tinged with shades of optimism, authenticity, and hope, Silver Tree Art & soul care goods and Sacred Pause Retreats help to recognize the sacred beauty in #theartofdailyliving.  

Theresa Broten of Spiderweb Treats: Theresa is a Las Vegas based artist who wants to spread love and peace through her art. She believes in always supporting hand crafted original art not made by a machine. She describes her artwork as original fun, whimsical art sure to put a smile in your heart.  

Blake Meyer of Doc B Design: “I am Doc B of Doc B Design. I am a fine artist, digital artist, graphic designer, and content creator based out of Las Vegas. I run a creative design collective. I specialize in graphic design, logo design, photography, branding, marketing, and printing, fine art, and digital art. Basically if its creative minded, I do it.  

Cillian Cubstead was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s been drawing since the age of three. He’s been to Art Institute of Los Angeles, California but dropped out shortly after admission. He is on the rise as a definitive artist in Indie comics. He’s one of the founding members of Valkyrie Komics, the founding artist, one of four writers behind the Z-theory multiverse (Valkyrie Komics flagship). Is the founder of Kill Cubstead Comics and a founder of the umbrella company Plot Twist Publishing. He wrote the comic “Sons and Assassins,” and drew Dirge of Viqdis, Black Hand and has worked on several shorts or anthology pieces. His current work, Archangel Aurora is being drawn, issues one and two are in the coloring and lettering phase and will be available early 2018.  

Anja Whitemyer Artist and Gallery owner of AWGallery: AWGallery, is a Las Vegas, NV located fine art gallery. Most of the showing artworks are original works by Anja herself. AWGallery is always open for collaborations or showing new Artists in her gallery space, located in the Arts District of Las Vegas. Anja Whitemyer is a multi talented, self taught artist. Her art style is very diverse and reaches from ink watercolor drawings to large scale oil paintings and photo collages. Her art style is inspired by “the flow of the emptiness and the freedom to drifted away in the artworks.” Anja Whitemyer only sells original artworks. She offers custom works and is always open for collaborations. Anja was born and raised in Germany, in October 2001 she moved to the United States (Santa Clarita, California), and in 2014 she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Anja grew up with a musical and painting father and a mom working in the fashion industry. Music, art, and fashion those are still things that she finds fascinating and have a huge impact on her life today. In her twenties she traveled with her motorcycle around Europe, especially Spain, France, Italy, and England. Seeing different countries, cities, and meeting new people influenced her in her profession and taught her to look closely and find beauty in everyday things. Growing up with a painting father, Anja grabbed the paintbrush the minute she could walk. She got a scholarship at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (HFBK Hamburg) = University of fine Arts in Hamburg, but due to a family tragedy she had to step away from a career in the arts and work in a cosmetic laser and surgery Center to support her family. She kept her camera and worked as a documentary photographer for a lot of her artist friends. In September 2003 she gave birth to her daughter and soon after turned her longtime passion of the arts into a business.   

Jaye J. Archer: Hello! I'm Jaye. I'm a Artist, Writer, Illustrator Traveler, and a Professional Daydreamer. Also an avid tea enthusiast, and a wearer of crowns. I am an extremely mischievous Artist who creates Surrealist paintings and Conceptual works, with an occasional poem or story all while breaking every rule in the book. I work with the idea of stories in most of my works and enjoy combining the abstraction of the thought process and the structure of storytelling to try and create something entirely new to myself and, well, maybe you too. I also enjoy trampling across the world as often as I can to gather as much as information, and meet new personalities as often as I can, despite my introverted nature of being stuck behind a book half of the day. I also offer my crazy talents to the public crowd, so if you have an idea or project and want to work with me, I would be more than happy to put down my book to work with you!

Jon Salvador Gascón of Gascón Art: ”My art is abstract; where images can be whimsical, thought-provoking, striking and sometimes shocking. I try to convey the complexities, emotions, and intricacies of the human condition. Each piece I create is a feast for the eyes, the mind and the soul. I describe my work as “random, abstract expressionism”. I was born and raised in San Jose, California. I have always been a creative person; drawing and doodling as a kid. I became a graphic artist because of my love for design, colors and esthetic appeal of printed advertising, commercial art, rock posters and record covers. I have always had an appreciation for art but had never attempted to put anything down on paper or canvas. I began drawing in 2007 as a way of dealing with anxiety. I found putting my emotions on paper to be very meditative and profound. And the results were extremely satisfying to me. I am a self-taught artist and also a collector, so my appreciation of art has greatly influenced my own work. In the beginning, my drawings were very private and personal and only seen by very few. My early drawings were done in black ink or black ink with one color. For me black ink my drawings represents deep human emotion at its rawest and most fragile. Black to me is very powerful and bold, especially against a white background. It was not until late 2013 that I started posting my drawings on Facebook, just to share with friends and family. But when the positive comments started coming, I felt my confidence grow and I started drawing on a regular basis. At the beginning of 2014, I began experimenting with multi-color drawings. Using my graphic artist experience I began to use different color combinations that I found appealing. I found the color gave life to my work. My works have been shown at: First Friday Las Vegas, Art2 Downtown Arts Festival, Art House LV Gallery, chosen as 1 of only 20 Artists for ZAP 7 (a program designed to beautify Las Vegas neighborhoods and parks), Guerrilla Artz, “Day of the Dead” at New York, New York Casino, 2015 Life is Beautiful festival, Summerlin & Henderson Arts Festivals, the 12” of Sin Art Festival, Jana’s RedRoom Gallery, Aid for AIDS of Nevada AFAN “Paint The Town”, ”Project Daybreak”, and the Home Deployment Project’s “Artist Lend A Hand”.” 

Honorary members of our artist collective:

Jean Marie Munson has generously donated her zines for our subscribers and event goers to enjoy as free art gifts and is an honorary member of our Artist Collective! Jean is a Filipino American born and raised on the island of Guam. Since completing her history degree at UNLV, she launched her independent webcomic, Green Machine Comix. It features slice-of-life comics and biographical content aimed at young women readers. In the span of launching her own high school comic series, Pushover Comics, and solidifying her local comic distribution, Jean has focused on expanding collaborative efforts of comic-making in the valley. She is part of the Maximum League of Aspiring Artists at Maximum Comics, co-founded The Comic League of Extraordinary Fans at Alternate Reality Comics, orchestrates Comic Jam meet-ups at Cosmic Comics!, and teaches comic workshops at The Writer’s Block and Vegas Comics. As of last year, she officially opened up Plot Twist Publishing as an avenue for local writers and artists to make comic anthologies in the Las Vegas Valley. Her current comic work is a collaborative series with Melina Chavarria, The Magic Glasses, a young Latina coming-of-age story.  

Valentina Eager of Vegas Val’s Artistry has donated her handmade bacon ornaments and bottle cap necklaces as free gifts for our subscribers and event goers to enjoy; Val is an honorary member of our Artist Collective.  A Las Vegas native, Vegas Val, has been an artist since she painted the walls of her mother's womb. Her professional experience started in 2007. The "oldskool" First Fridays is where she first started showcasing and selling her art. Val received her tattoo apprenticeship at Huntington Ink inside the Palms Casino, from the now retired "Uncle Johnny" who appeared on the television show "Inked". She ventured off  after the completion of her apprenticeship to focus on building a successful career for herself. And that she did... Some of her acknowledgements/achievements consists of: "5 Star Top Rated Female Artist in Las Vegas" "Best of Yelp 2016" "Best of Yelp 2017" "Vegan Friendly Artist"  

SNIPT has generously donated a piece of art for auction to raise money for our charity partner; he is an honorary member of our Artist Collective. (Bio/pic coming soon).

Megan Dresback of Mallows: Megan has donated artwork for some lucky Art Box Surprise customers as well as for our charity auctions, she is an honorary member of our collective. “I'm a self-taught artist, Mom and Las Vegas native. My artistic quest began a decade ago with making polymer clay miniatures. Eventually my geekiness got in the way of my nerdiness and I started making dioramas and large scale fantasy art installations. About four years ago I felt that my drawing skills needed to be improved upon so I started drawing everyday. This lead to me developing my own cartoon called "Mallows" and my first coloring book, "M is for Mallow". Illustration and cartooning are now my main focus. I love making people laugh and sharing my creations with the world.” Check out more of Megan’s work at