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As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.” Art Box Surprise has been a super fun project but the time has come for us to move on to other adventures. We will be retiring Art Box Surprise at the end of May 2018 so be sure to get a box while you still can. Thanks to every one of you that supported the project, together we’ve been able to buy art from 32+ Artists in addition to raising $$$ for various charities! That makes us SO happy! We couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! 

Peace, Love, & Art! -Art Box Surprise 

You can find Art Box Surprise through May 2018 at:  

*Here on our website through May 31st www.artboxsurprise.com  

*Mix it Up Art Gallery at 107 E. Charleston Blvd #135, Las Vegas, NV 89104 (inside The Arts Factory) Daily 11a-7p through May 24th  

Rest Assured: Prepaid subscription orders will be sent out as normal until you receive all your prepaid boxes. All subscriptions will continue to be sent out monthly until all subscriptions are automatically cancelled after May’s shipment. You can order boxes through May 31st.  

Art Box Surprise was created by Rainbow Farts Art, LLC. Be sure to stay connected with us for even more fun! www.rainbowfartsart.com 😊  

Original art surprises made by our Artist Collective delivered straight to you. Each & every box is unique & curated by an Artist! 

Hooray for fun art mail!

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Treat yourself (or someone special) to some art!

Love awesome art and want more of it in your life?  Us too, that's  why we started this project.  Get original art by independent artists delivered straight to your home!  Keep it for yourself or spread some art love by gifting it to someone special (hello rad gift stash)! Simply choose the package that works best for you and you're on your way to one sweet art collection! 

$1/box goes to our charity partner, P.S. Arts  who provides arts education to under served public schools and communities. 

So What's inside?  We are proud to have Artists of all different ages, skill sets, experience, training, style, and backgrounds in our Artist Collective! Our featured Artists provide us with a fun selection of art to send out to you every month, it  will feel like getting a present from them every time you get a box. You will always get original artwork by independent artists. Sizes, mediums, and  quantities of art varies. You could get: a painting, mini sculptures, signed art prints, fiber arts, a drawing, ACEO's/ATC's (artist card editions & originals/artist trading cards), and more! We always send family friendly art (we stay away from sending works that are political/religious/sexual). All the  art we send is visual arts for display. Sometimes our artists even include fun free gifts for you! Each time you get your box you get to decide: will you keep the art or spread some more art love and gift it to somebody special.  Once you subscribe,  just sit back and enjoy supporting the arts!  

Why buy an Art Box Surprise?   Do you love art and surprises?  Maybe you want to support independent artists but don't have time to shop around or scope out galleries & art fairs?  Maybe there aren't any galleries/art fairs near you or you don't know where to start? Perhaps you want access to awesome art by artists you haven't discovered yet?  Or you just love getting fun surprises in the mail?   Do you want to start your art collection or simply add to the amazing one you already have? Maybe you want to send a box as a gift or have unique handmade gifts on hand for friends? No matter what the reason for getting new art, we've got you covered with a variety of  options and we make it all easy peasy!​  


How it works:

Step 1

Browse our selection of boxes & choose the one you want. 


Step 2

Subscribe and pay monthly or buy a single box (great for gifting or just trying it out!).

Step 3

Check out via our easy to use shopping cart and that's it, simply sit back & enjoy supporting the arts!

What people are saying:

 “I think this is a brilliant, easy and affordable way for people to support local artists. Plus it’s fun to get a package of art in the mail every month! I suggest thinking ‘outside the box’ when displaying your art collection. The small-scale size is perfect to display your new artwork on bookshelves, windowsills and coffee tables. I have even turned my son’s medicine cabinet into a little art gallery. You never know what you are going to get, so if any art doesn’t match your home or office, just save it for creative re-gifting. I like to bring a bottle of wine and a small piece of art as a great housewarming or host/hostess gift at parties.” -Robin Slonina, Skin City Body Painting & Skin Wars   

“The best art box ever?! ...So you should (subscribe) because it goes towards a good cause actually... That’s everything, omg that is so cute, I really like that! ...all of it is just amazing ...on the back of the box it says “enjoy & support the arts”, so go & do that because the arts are very important ...If I were you I would subscribe... Get this box now! It’s really cool, I really loved it.” -It’s Just Sphinx

"This is really awesome!" - Beauty In Every Daye  

"Thank you so much Art Box Surprise for your mini April edition!!  They have beautiful art you can receive EVERY month as long as you're subscribed! It's always so exciting seeing what you get every month, and the art is always so cute, I just love them!! - Hanna Rose Bennett

"Super stoked I received my Art Box Surprise today.  Thank you so much Art Box Surprise you guys rock!" - Jessica M. 

"This 6x6 stretched canvas is GORGEOUS! ...This mandala from Ryan Designs is  intricate and beautiful and draped against the backdrop of a "nebular"  looking expanse. It's almost a silent reminder of how complex all life  really is. Gorgeous. We have a place in mind for this painting. ...Despite the fact that this is their least expensive subscription we are still extremely impressed with the quality of the art that we got! Love this subscription for anyone that loves cool art or is trying to  furnish their home." -Asheli, Not A Tree Subscription Box Reviews  

"Being an art nerd in High School, it is nice to know that there are businesses that give back to the art community." - Jennifer D., The Box Reviewers 

"Art Box Surprise is a really fun service and a great way to get exposure  for artists. It’s a nice way to get an interesting art collection as  well! Plus the cost is incredibly affordable." - Dalyn Viker, Hello Subscription

"Ohhh look at this, this is gorgeous, bunch of fun colors! I like it! ...This is really cool! ...support the arts- Art Box Surprise, I would totally subscribe again!" -Jessica A.

"Got some new art to start filling up these boring walls." -One Tired Mama 

"If you're like me and you enjoy your art, and you also like surprises, then you may love the idea of Art Box Surprise. They give out subscription boxes that include artworks from other artist and a description of the artist and the artwork!" -Wasabi_Cat_

"I think the whole idea is very interesting and it's beautiful way to support independent artists." -In Fashion Chains

"Subscription boxes are all the rage in the realm of experience gifts.  For Christmas 2015, my wife and I gave each other a couple of  subscriptions, including candy, chocolates, and makeup.  ...Art Box Surprise branches out from flat media and may include paintings,  art shirts, fiber arts, sculptures, and more. Art Box Surprise features  independent artists from around the world, and gives $1/box  subscriptions to public school art programs." -The Abundant Artist       

We gladly accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, & Ethereum!

We are excited to announce that in addition to accepting all major credit/debit cards and PayPal through our shopping cart, we are now accepting Bitcoin & Ethereum as well. To pay via Bitcoin/Ethereum, simply email hello@artboxsurprise.com and we will send you an invoice with a scannable QR code.